Chemical Peels w/ Alyssa Breault

Get ready to peel back the layers of fear and myth surrounding chemical exfoliation as we journey into the transformative world of chemical peels. By tuning into this episode, you’ll gain compelling insights and guidance on how to prep your skin for a chemical peel from our resident expert, Alyssa Breault. We’ll debunk the fears and myths associated with chemical peels, guiding you through the process to demystify what a chemical peel is, how it works, and the remarkable benefits it offers. We’ll even delve into how chemical peels can be an effective treatment option for pigmented skin, acne, rosacea, and texture issues.

Our conversation extends beyond just the basics of chemical peels. Alyssa highlights the importance of preconditioning your skin with retinoids before a peel, explaining the factors that play into selecting the right peel for a patient, from their health history and skin type to their desired results. Alyssa’s expert advice is invaluable, giving you the confidence to explore chemical peels as part of your skincare routine and emphasizing the importance of post-peel skincare.

As we conclude our chat, we reflect on our personal experiences with tanning beds and how these have shaped our proactive and preventative approach to skincare. Alyssa shares her recommendations for choosing the right peel for your skin type, and we underscore the importance of moisturizing and using sunscreen. We also provide tips on minimizing the risk of scarring and discoloration after a chemical peel. This episode may just change your perspective on skincare — don’t miss it!

Upon graduating from college, Alyssa Breault worked on the renowned Newbury Street, where she truly fell in love with skincare. Alyssa takes pride in educating her patients on skincare with their goals and needs on top of mind. She is a consummate professional in skin rejuvenation, anti-aging facial treatments, chemical peels, and more. Alyssa delivers exceptional skincare outcomes utilizing modalities such as HydraFacial MD, Laser Genesis, Virtue RF, and more. 

Alyssa’s passion for skincare developed at a young age when she found herself making skincare masks out of egg whites in her mother’s kitchen. Now with over 15 years of experience in the medical esthetic world, Alyssa is now a lead master medical esthetician at AlDa Aesthetics. Alyssa not only takes pride in her skin but also in her mind and body. Outside of work, Alyssa enjoys working out, spending time with her teenage daughter, and relaxing on the couch with her dog Bentley.


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