Empowering Skin Health: The Serene Obagi Aesthetic Journey

Listen in as Serene Obagi, a leading lady in the world of skin care and medical aesthetics, takes us on her inspiring journey. Serene has managed to make a name for herself in an industry where she has big shoes to fill, being the daughter of renowned dermatologist, Dr. Zein Obagi. Currently working in all four ZO Skin Centers across California, Serene’s dedication to her patients, passion for education, and commitment to quality skin care shines through in every aspect of her work.

Serene’s approach to skin care and medical aesthetics is a testament to her unique educational background. Starting from studying political philosophy in Paris, to earning her aesthetic license and finally pursuing nursing, her blend of experiences shaped her unique perspective in the industry. One key takeaway is her emphasis on the importance of proper skin preconditioning before any procedure. Without the right preparation, the desired outcomes of a chemical peel or other skin treatment may not be achieved.

Join us as Serene discusses the art of injecting fillers and the introduction of new products like Complex A and Stimulator Peel+. She highlights the need to bridge the gap between provider’s education and patient’s understanding of medical-grade skincare treatments. Not only does she excel in her field, but she’s also committed to empowering others to take charge of their skin health and self-confidence. So, whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or someone looking to learn more about aesthetic beauty, this conversation with Serene Obagi is one you won’t want to miss!

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