Finding My ‘Why’: From Childhood Challenges to Aesthetic Business Owner

Finding My ‘Why’: From Childhood Challenges to Aesthetic Business Owner

Journey with me as I peel back the layers of my life, revealing the path that led me to my true ‘why’. I was once a sensitive kid, grappling with academic challenges and constantly feeling overshadowed and insecure. However, a few remarkable teachers showed me a different perspective, instilling in me the belief that I was capable of so much more. Inspired by their kindness, patience, and dedication, I ventured into the world of teaching, eager to make an impact.

But life had other plans. After a decade in the spa industry, I found myself at the helm of my own aesthetics business, AL|DA Aesthetics. The road was never smooth, with challenges lurking at every turn, the most daunting one being Covid-19. There were times when surrendering seemed like the easiest option. But with introspection, a strong support system, and a newfound clarity of purpose, I persevered, shedding old habits and making room for fresh opportunities. With the understanding of my ‘why’, I found the courage to push forward, changing not only my life but also positively impacting those who counted on me. Join me as I recount this deeply personal and transformative journey, possibly igniting the spark for you to find your own ‘why’.


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