From Survival to Thriving: Renee Marie Joyal’s Health Journey

Years ago, I met a remarkable woman named Renee Marie Joyal, a resilient spirit who has faced and overcome physical and mental health challenges that would have left many feeling defeated. Today, we share with you an engrossing conversation with her, an author and a wellness warrior, who navigated a health journey that led her to not only survive but also thrive.

Renee, diagnosed with an autoimmune condition at the tender age of 14, paints a vivid picture of her trials and triumphs. She reveals the transformative power of nutrition and lifestyle changes in her journey to wellness and remission. Her story becomes even more compelling when a devastating car accident reignites her dormant autoimmune issue. However, Renee refuses to crumble, choosing instead to rely on her mental fortitude to regain control of her health and life, an inspiring testament to the power of resilience and mental strength. 

Yet, our conversation extends beyond Renee’s personal journey, touching upon self-care, mindfulness, and positive self-talk as vital pillars of a fulfilling life. We also delve into how food serves as more than mere fuel. It’s a bond that cements memories and experiences. We explore skincare routines, the impact of growth factor serums, and microneedling, all critical elements of self-care. Lastly, we discuss the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and the transformative power of small, conscious habits. This conversation is a testament to the power of the present and the significance of everyday wellness and well-being. So, join us as we walk through Renee’s inspiring journey and learn how we can all live a little more beautifully.

More on Renee’s book:

Renée Marie suffered a life-threatening illness in early adolescence, enduring multiple surgeries and months in the hospital. Doctors told her to expect a life marked by pain and limitation. Unwilling to accept such a fate, Renée devoted herself to improving her health with a series of small lifestyle changes and natural healing strategies that helped her overcome her diagnosis and gave her the strength and resilience she needed to battle a lifelong autoimmune journey and recover from a drunk-driving accident. She continues to thrive despite her diagnosis. Both a moving story of survival and a manual for thriving in a constantly changing world, Live Beautiful is Renée’s powerful account of her journey to wellness. Renée reveals her tips for making healthy living a way of life without restrictions and full of pleasure. She provides the tools we all need to cultivate the beautiful and vibrant life we deserve.

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