Journey into Spiritual Nutrition with Lauren Ahola

Prepare to embark on an enlightening journey of self-discovery and wellness in this latest episode with holistic nutritionist, Lauren Ahola. Promising to redefine your understanding of health, we venture into the intriguing world of spiritual nutrition, shedding light on the profound influence of our environment, emotions, and beliefs on our physical well-being. We unravel the mystery of how our third energy center – the solar plexus – plays a pivotal role in our gut health.


In our conversation, we delve into how various aspects like age, diet, lifestyle choices, and subconscious beliefs shape our overall health. Lauren imparts her wisdom about the significance of tuning into our bodies and understanding their language. We confront the ill-effects of solely depending on medications and pharmaceutical skincare, suggesting the benefits of a more holistic approach involving diet, sleep, self-talk, and movement to balance internal inflammation.

Join us as we navigate the trials of chronic conditions such as acne and rosacea, often linked to underlying hormone issues. Our discussion also revolves around the potential of small lifestyle adjustments to significantly impact gut health, skin health, and hormones. We share stress management strategies for better skin care, and we even touch upon the captivating concept of reverse aging. Wrapping up, Lauren offers her contact information for those keen on further exploring their health issues. So, buckle up and get ready to put the reins of your health back in your hands!

More on special guest Lauren Ahola: Lauren has accumulated over a decade of experience as a holistic nutritionist and had been teaching yoga for more than five years. Lauren’s life journey had revolved around themes of food, body image, and self-love, which fueled her passion to assist others on a similar path.

Her history with food issues traced back to infancy when she struggled with formula and even had a tooth extracted at the age of two due to excessive sugar and juice consumption. Eczema was another challenge she faced, particularly during stressful periods. Growing up as a chubby child, Lauren frequently compared herself to her naturally thin younger sister, fostering a sense of insecurity.


As a chronic people-pleaser and empath, Lauren learned to suppress her emotions, often holding them in her gut. She adapted her personality to seek love and approval from others. In elementary school, she endured teasing from classmates, with boys suggesting she needed to join Jenny Craig. These hurtful comments left her in tears. In high school, she discovered that she could control her weight through restriction and increased exercise, which earned her more attention and a sense of being loved. However, this extreme approach led to the loss of her menstrual cycle, prompting a visit to a dietitian at the age of 14. This encounter inspired Lauren, as she admired the dietitian’s work and aspired to follow in her footsteps. 

While her eating habits improved over time, her perfectionism resurfaced during college, exacerbating her eating disorder. She found herself working out for two to three hours a day and consuming low-calorie diets. At that time, she was also on birth control, which masked the absence of her menstrual cycle. It wasn’t until Lauren began counseling others that she realized the guidance she offered her patients mirrored the advice she needed to embrace herself. Gradually, she learned the importance of nourishing her own body and discovered yoga.

Yoga became a transformative force in Lauren’s life, teaching her to slow down and connect with movements that felt good. It became her gateway to the world of energy and spirituality, significantly impacting her healing journey and enhancing her abilities as a nutritionist.

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