Mastering the Art of Work-Life Harmony with Matthew Dyment

Balancing work, family, and self-care can be a challenging act, but our special guest and my husband, Matthew Dyment, has some valuable insights to share. As a leader, mentor, coach, and father, Matthew knows the importance of setting priorities and leading by example. Join us for an inspiring conversation about finding the right work-life balance, the significance of self-care, and how to maintain your skin health along the way. 

Matthew’s journey has taught him to prioritize family over money and to seek out a career that allows for flexibility. In this episode, we discuss his experiences with skincare and dermatology visits, and how these have shaped his perspective on self-care. We also explore how staying committed to skincare routines can increase confidence and potentially save lives, with institutions like barbers playing a crucial role.

We wrap up our conversation by delving into the notions of beauty, confidence, and personal growth. Matthew offers valuable advice on how to answer the question, “What do you do for a living?” in an interesting way, and how to create a mission statement for your business. This episode is packed with wisdom and inspiration – make sure you don’t miss out on Matthew’s incredible story and our shared journey towards radiant skin health, self-care, and a balanced life.


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