Unlocking Summers Skin Protection Secrets

Get ready to embrace the summer sun while keeping your skin safe and healthy with our latest ALDAtude episode on summertime skincare! We reveal the secrets to choosing the perfect sunscreen, the vital role antioxidants play in protecting your skin, and the best ways to adjust retinol usage during these sun-soaked months. Plus, we dive into non-retinol alternatives like vitamin C, Skin Better Science’s Solo Men’s Defense, and ZEO Daily Power Defense for optimal skin protection and care.

As we continue our enlightening discussion on summer skincare, we explore the powerful antioxidant ingredients you should be looking for in your products. From vitamin C to niacinamide to resveratrol and beyond, we break down the benefits of these skin-loving components and emphasize the importance of consulting with a provider before making any changes to your regimen. Additionally, we share some tips on switching up your cleanser to combat oiliness from sunscreen application and how to safely use mechanical exfoliation during the summer. Tune in and level up your skincare game this sunny season!

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